Rebecca 3

Rebecca Rydberg

As a small child I dreamed of delivering babies when I grew up. The dream never faded and I waited patiently as I raised my five amazing children. I trusted that one day the time would be right and in the fall of 2014, I knew my moment had arrived. I began to surround myself with women of knowledge and delved into to the books they recommended while gaining my certification as a doula.
I was absolutely thrilled when I was offered an apprenticeship with Seven Cities Midwifery Care. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in such a wonderful learning environment. I began my apprenticeship in June of 2015. I maintain my certifications as an EMT-B and CPR and NRP.

As a mother, caregiver and a woman I feel truly privileged to be embarking on this journey. to serve women and witness the beauty of birth is my honor.