Our Complete Maternity Care Package includes:

Prenatal care…
Unlimited comprehensive prenatal care
One in-home prenatal visit at 36-37 weeks
in-home labor and birth care
Midwifery assistant

Immediate postpartum care…
New mother and newborn Exam
Breastfeeding assistance
In-home postpartum visit at 24-72 hours
Up to three additional postpartum office visits
Up to 6 weeks 24/7 licensed midwife on-call availability
Unlimited phone and email consultations
Waterbirth (tub or liner not included in fee)
Birth Certificate and SSN filing

Extra costs not included:
Initial Blood work
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Screen
Complete Blood Count
Gestational Diabetes Screen
Group B Strep Culture
Pap Smear

Please note: Additional labs may also be recommended when appropriate. Waivers are available for testing you choose to decline.

Additional potential costs:
Newborn Metabolic Screening
Any referred services: ultrasound, bio physical profile, non stress tests
Physician/hospital fees if indicated, or charges incurred due to transfer of care
Extra Home Visits – $50 additional fee per extra home visit
Birth Supplies
Liner for loaner Eco Tub available for $50
Travel fees when indicated

Financial matters:
Our Complete Midwifery Care Package fee is $3200.
We gladly accept cash, money order, check, and credit card (a 3% fee is added for all card transactions as we do not have that worked into our fees.)
We will discuss and secure a payment plan that accommodates your personal budgetary needs.
If you have insurance, we can provide you with a statement to submit to your insurance company after your final postpartum visit. Some insurance companies reimburse for home birth while others do not. It is advisable to discuss your request and intentions directly with your insurance company in advance.