Jennifer Green, LM, CPM


I began my midwifery journey when I sought home birth for each of my 3 boys’ births over 13 years ago. The rite of passage into motherhood is a strong one and teaches you invaluable personal lessons. I learned that I was strong, powerful, instinctual, and most of all that I had the knowledge to birth the mother inside of me. These births solidified my trust in the female body and the incredible innate knowledge all women have about birth and motherhood.

I went on to become certified in The Bradley Method® and Birth Works International®. I taught natural childbirth classes for many years before creating my own curriculum called Empowering Birth Classes. During this time, I also took the DONA Doula workshop to better provide my students with information on supporting women in labor. I was honored to attend over 20 births as a doula during this time period, including both my niece and nephew’s births. I knew that I wanted to be a home birth midwife; I just knew that it wouldn’t happen until I was done growing my family.

I took on the challenge of becoming a CPM in June of 2010. I chose to work with midwives that I respected and valued, for I knew that they could teach me more about midwifery than was in the books. I did my entire apprenticeship following the PEP (Portfolio Evaluation Process) outlined by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). This apprenticeship took place under Terri Hewitt, LM, CPM and Jennifer Derugen, LM, CPM. NARM sets forth rigorous standards for apprenticeship and incorporates a four Phase system to ensure excellence in midwifery knowledge and skills. During my apprenticeship, I attended over 120 births (over twice the NARM requirements). I have attended midwifery workshops and skill classes to enhance my learning and knowledge. I completed my NARM PEP requirements in September of 2014. I sat for and passed my Certified Professional Midwifery Examination on September 17, 2014. My licensure as a CPM in the Commonwealth of Virginia was granted on December 12, 2014.

In February 2013, I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification. I currently coach at a local CrossFit box part-time and work out there regularly with my family. I received my CrossFit Weightlifting Certification in March 2014. I love to new learn things and have a desire to teach others. I enjoy attending Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga classes weekly. I feel that maintaining health, vitality and strength is important in my life and in my career as a home birth midwife.

I am excited to continue working with Terri as a midwife for Seven Cities Midwifery Care. I am honored to participate in the pregnancy and births to many more families in Hampton Roads!