We highly embrace the holistic approach to midwifery care. Our time spent together during your prenatal visits is very important in many ways. These visits foster a trusting relationship which is the foundation for homebirth success. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth is nurtured with our care. This development of a close relationship between the midwives and the expectant mother and her partner is one of the cornerstones of our home birth midwifery care.


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“Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in.”

—Sheila Kitzinger

Getting to Know You and Prenatal Care

We offer complete maternity care including, prenatal visits, labor and birth support, postpartum care and breastfeeding support.

To help you choose the midwifery practice for you, we offer a “Meet and Greet” consultation where you can meet with us and our birthing team. We ask that you fill out our Registration and Health History form to bring along so we can review your health history and desires for birth. We will answer any questions in regards to our procedures and your home birth choice. If you decide to sign on with Seven Cities Midwifery Care we will send you our documents to review and complete before your initial prenatal visit. Next, the initial prenatal visit will be very relaxed and last about an hour giving us plenty of time to talk with you and listen to you so that we may understand your personal needs. We will spend time on the routine procedures of urine testing, weight check, blood pressure & pulse check, palpating baby’s position, measuring fundal height and listening to the baby’s heartbeat to determine that all vitals are within normal limits. We may also a do a basic physical exam at this visit but we do not find the need to routinely do vaginal checks with these exams. We allow ample time to discuss your nutrition, exercise routine and address any concerns that you may have.

Thereafter, we will meet once monthly until the seventh month and then more frequently thereafter as needed. All prenatal visits are private, and a leisurely 45 minutes to one hour in length. At thirty-six weeks we will go to your home for your prenatal visit. This visit assures that we are comfortable with directions to your home and also enables us to check that you have all the needed supplies and are well prepared for your upcoming birth. We will discuss when to call us and answer any questions that you may have. We will continue with office visits thereafter until your birth.

Labor and Birth

When you are in active labor, we will go to your home, depending on the situation, to assess your progress and monitor you and your baby’s well being. When indicated the other midwife and/or apprentice/assistant will come to assist with the birth. Water labor and birth is available and courtesy tub kits are offered (you pay us only for the disposable liner). Soon after the birth, the placenta has delivered and mom and baby’s vitals are all within normal limits, we highly encourage you and your family to have private time for bonding with your new baby. After this special bonding time, we will weigh, measure and do a thorough and gentle newborn exam on your baby and assess your vitals and perineal area for any lacerations. We stay for as long as needed after the birth, but generally within two to three hours everyone is stable and ready for some rest and it is time for the midwives to go home.

Postpartum and Newborn Care

We will return to your home again between 24 to 72 hours postpartum depending upon your personal needs to do a complete assessment of you and the baby assuring that you are recovering well from the birth and that your baby is transitioning well. We will offer the Newborn Metabolic Screening and Critical Congential Heart Defect screening for your baby at this time. Another home postpartum visit usually takes place within 4-10 days depending on your needs. We also like to see you and your baby at the office around 6 weeks postpartum. Generally, you will have approximately three to four postpartum visits with many phone/texts conversations in between.

Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

We will submit the birth certificate application for the baby and request a Social Security Card if you wish. Note: Application for the birth certificate must be made approximately six weeks after birth and can now be obtained same day through your local VA DMV. See resources section for application form.

Other Services Available

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Belly Casting