Terri Hewitt, LM, CPM


Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are an incredible journey. The journey starts the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant and her life is forever changed. With the pregnancy and birth of my first son, Erik, my life was forever changed and I felt the calling awaken within me to support other mothers on their journey. Following the midwife attended birth of my second son, Christopher, in Oslo, Norway, I became even more committed to working with birthing women. With respect, trust and support a woman can have an empowering birth experience! We are fortunate to live in a time where tradition and evidence-based information can give mothers the best midwifery care.

I first began attending home births with VA licensed midwife, Adella Scott Wilson in 1994 as her assistant and apprentice. Adella was the last “grand-mothered in” licensed midwife in the area before CPM licensing became available. Working with her and her clients was an experience I will always treasure. I am very grateful and honored to have been part of those sacred events. I also attended my first doula training that same year and began assisting women in hospitals as their doula.

My training has taken me to several midwifery conferences over the years- one of the most memorable at The Farm in Summertown, TN with Ina May Gaskin and other legendary midwives. I continue my midwifery education with conferences, online lectures and hands on training at every opportunity. It has been a pleasure to have attended many doula conferences and doula training sessions- some with Penny Simkin and Kennel & Klaus. I am a DONA certified doula. Having been part of a Navy family, I felt compelled to serve with Operation Doula Care, a volunteer doula program for wives of deployed service members. I am a founding member of Partners in Birth, a professional birth worker group in Hampton Roads. I enjoy supporting and mentoring other women who wish to work in the birth field.

My work with women has also taken me to Eastern Virginia Medical School, where I was employed as a Teaching Associate working with student doctors, doctors, corpsmen, nurse-practitioners and midwives on their clinical and communication skills. In 2001, I became a Certified Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator. Though I am not a hypnotherapist, I wholly understand the mind-body connection and the important role it has in birth. In June 2007, I started my apprenticeship with Jenny Derugen, LM, CPM. My previous and continued work with birthing women allowed me to finish the NARM requirements relatively quickly. I took the CPM exam in October 2008 and became licensed in November 2008 and I received my Midwifery Bridge Certificate in 2018. As the the 41st Virginia licensed CPM, I bring with me the experience of attending over 850 births in home and hospital as doula, midwife assistant and now primary midwife. I am an approved Preceptor through NARM.

All of these experiences have helped me become the midwife I am today. I believe good communication within the client relationship is an essential part of establishing a positive foundation for home birth. I look forward to hearing your birth desires and working as a member of your birth team. When a baby is born a family is created! It is an honor and privilege to serve women and their families during birth!